Taylors Gold

Appearance:  completely russeted skin, golden/cinnamon colour
Harvest time:  March
Origin: NZ natural mutation of Doyenne du Comice
Taste/texture: rich, sweet, juicy, flavour.



Packhams Triumph

Appearance: yellowish-green colour
Harvest time: late February - March
Taste/texture: good flavour. Firm and juicy.


Beurre Bosc

Appearance: russeted variety, golden in colour
Harvest time: mid-February - mid-March
Taste/texture: Flavour good. Good for cooking.


Doyenne du Comice

Appearance: yellowish green skin with red blush. A large pear
Harvest time: late February - March
Taste/texture: Firm and juicy. Good flavour.

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