Pipfruit New Zealand

Pipfruit NZ Inc. promotes and represents the New Zealand pipfruit industry - growers, packers, and marketers of apples and pears - in domestic and export markets.

Our objectives are to:

§  Develop and promote access to overseas markets;

§  Identify, undertake and fund research and development relating to the New Zealand pipfruit industry;

§  Speak on behalf of the New Zealand pipfruit industry and represent its interests;

§  Promote the development and exploitation of new plant varieties for members;

§  Provide information and organise seminars, workshops and conferences for education and discussion of members.

Pipfruit NZ Inc. is 100% owned by New Zealand pipfruit growers.



Membership of Pipfruit NZ Inc. is open to anyone involved in growing, distributing or selling pipfruit, as well as suppliers to the industry.

This site has a Members Only section with discussion forums, practical tools and a wealth of technical information. You need to register to access these sections. Please contact the Pipfruit New Zealand Office to register.

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