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23 May 2012 - Pipfruit New Zealand Inc

The most recent Pipfruit New Zealand Inc crop forecast, completed this week, indicates that

the NZ Braeburn export crop will be less than 3 million cases (54,000 tonnes) in 2012. This

represents a reduction of 27% on last year’s crop of more than 4 million cases.

“This low crop is a combination of a cooler summer producing smaller fruit but also growers

reacting to the high NZ dollar by sending their crop to process, thereby reducing risk,” said

Alan Pollard, Chief Executive of Pipfruit New Zealand.

For several seasons growers have received returns for their Braeburn crop below the cost of

production, even though the volume shipped has been steadily declining. “We have gone

from a high of eight million cartons exported in 2005 to this year’s crop of less than three

million,” Mr Pollard said. “This represents a significant change over a short time for a tree


The high dollar is not the only issue. Other apple varieties such as Jazz and Pink Lady have

also competed for market share with Braeburn. In addition, fruit consumption in Europe has

been slow for some months with consumers looking for bargains. Southern Hemisphere

suppliers have already responded by reducing Royal Gala exports to Europe by nearly 40%.

Exporters remain optimistic about the performance of Braeburn for 2012 with the reduced

volume. “Braeburn is an iconic NZ apple and there is good consumer demand for it in

Europe,” Mr Pollard said. “The fruit this year is highly coloured and has excellent texture and

eating quality. I am confident that this year’s smaller than predicted crop will be sold at

sustainable prices and that the variety will remain a key part of our international supply.”

The Braeburn sales window is just starting in Europe for 2012, with the first fruit now being

sold into wholesale markets. Supermarket programmes are likely to commence in mid June.

Statement ends.

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